Lestat Manson

April 2015- Awesome place! Went in just to ask for a price, and left within an hour very satisfied! Great people working there. Very professional and friendly. Will definitely come back when needed.

Noah Trent

July 2015- I’ve been to a couple shops out here in San Antonio and none of them have compared to E C. The guys at this shop know what they’re doing. Very professional and knowledgable. The bays were clean and well organized. The owner of the shop has been in there every time I’ve gone in and you can tell from the moment you talk to him that your car is in good hands. The prices are very fair as well, and when I went in last they were offering 10% off for students at UTSA. This is a shop that I would recommend to family.

Rudy Ramirez

August 2015- Great professional auto repair center. Services I have visited EC Quality Car Care include oil changes and tune-ups. Great same day service. Never worry about waiting days for repairs to be complete. Great “dealer-style” atmosphere.

Mike Calloway

September 2015- EC is a good guy. I have been using him for about 15 years with at least 6 different cars. In those years what I have valued most is his willingness to look at my perspective. If I tell him I cannot afford A,B,C&D he is willing to sit down and help me prioritize the repairs or decided if I need a new car. I also found him to be very honest. I recently took my car in for a new AC compressor. It had all the tail tail signs. I saved up the money, dropped of the vehicle and green lighted him for the AC repair. He calls me a few hours later and tells me the AC compressor was good, but instead I had a bad seal. He could have easily taken my money for the full job, but saved me hundreds of dollars and sure enough the AC has blown cold all summer long.

Something else cool is his per-purchase check ups. Yes, I know I sound like a commercial now. But he saved me from buying a few pieces of junk. Or in his words, If you buy this car one of my mechanics will retire on the work to repair it. On the other hand I was buying a truck at a steal of a price and he told me, yes the clutch is shot and the engine needs a major tune up. He gave me the estimates for both repairs. EC told me for that price plus the repairs you’ll have a great bargain. I bought the truck, drove it straight to EC for the repairs and between the bargain price and EC’s repairs I got 10 years of work out of that truck and if it wasn’t for EC I’d have passed on a great bargain.

Zeliene Brown

December 2015- Great experience at EC Quality Car Care every time I go. Very polite and professional. I feel very taken care of, as if I am going to my dad’s shop, and I know my car is in the great hands of certified mechanics. Definitely recommend this establishment time and time again.

Aaron Tolbert

October 2015- Went to quality car care about a week ago for a repair done on so link bolts on the ride front wheel. The customer service was the best out of any car repair shop I’ve experienced in San Antonio. They were honest, updated me periodically about the status of my car, and also were very friendly people in general. I would definitely recommend anyone that is having car trouble here to this shop as I know they would not be disappointed!